How to enter recovery mode on Android using pc?

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enter recovery mode

Recovery mode is a built-in feature in Android devices that allows users to perform various maintenance tasks on their device. Here are some situations when you may need to enter recovery mode on your Android device:

  1. To perform a factory reset: If your device is not working properly, or if you want to erase all the data on your device, you can perform a factory reset using recovery mode.
  2. To install custom ROMs: If you want to install a custom ROM on your Android device, you will need to enter recovery mode to flash the ROM.
  3. To clear cache partition: If your device is running slow or if you are experiencing app crashes, you can clear the cache partition using recovery mode.

How to enter recovery mode on Android using pc?

To enter recovery mode on an Android device using a PC, you can try the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your Android device (like smartphone and tablet) to your PC using a USB cable.

Step 2: Install ADB on your PC and enable USB debugging on your device.

Step 3: Open a command prompt window in the ADB folder.

Step 4: Type the following command in the command prompt window and press Enter:

adb reboot recovery

Step 5: Your Android device will now reboot into recovery mode.

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