How to Convert Wired Projectors to Wireless?

Convert Wired Projectors to Wireless

A home theater projector requires a video signal in order to display an image on a projection screen. To eliminate the video cable attached to the projector, use a wireless video transmitter which fits for projector.

There are a number of these transmitters available from computer stores and electronics stores–all operating in a similar manner to transmit high-definition video from a video source to the projector. The setup time is minimal and requires a few video cables–these may be included with the wireless video transmitter but can be purchased at the same location as the transmitter if need be.

Step 1

Connect the wireless receiver to the LCD projector. Some have a short VGA cable attached to the adapter, which you can push into the “Input” VGA slot. Others require you to supply a VGA cable or USB cable that you connect to the adapter and the projector.

Step 2

Attach the wireless adapter to your computer. Some use an Ethernet cable to connect the two devices, while others use a USB transmitter that you push into one of your computer’s USB ports.

Step 3

Plug in all the electronics and turn on the receiver, adapter, projector and computer. Click on the “Found New Hardware Wizard” if the notification appears in the bottom right of your screen. If not, place the installation CD into your computer.

Step 4

Click “Install” and follow the prompts to complete installation. The software should test the connection between the transmitter adapter and receiver. Once the installation is complete, the projector should project your laptop screen.

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