Where to buy OSCAL phones and tablets?

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In the 3C electronics market, there is a new brand born in 2022, the brand has several product lines include rugged phones, regular smartphones, Android tablets, etc. The brand is OSCAL, which is the brother brand of BLACKVIEW.


According to Blackview official, OSCAL aims to provide cheaper but good 3C electronics, let more people enjoy modern technology, and become the best brand of cheap electronics. Since there are not many new products at present, Blackview has no plans to launch an online store yet. So, where to buy the OSCAL phones or tablets?

Where To Buy OSCAL Phones and Tablets?

The OSCAL products are available at its brother brand BLACKVIEW’s official global store, and AliExpress Blackview official store, etc. Not in its official website: oscal.hk

Is OSCAL off the market?

No, according to the report of the professional marketing analyst, OSCAL products performance well in the low-end market. Its night vision phone S60 Pro (read OSCAL S60 Pro review) is one of the hot sale products.

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