How to avoid Audio and video signals getting interference

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In IP network monitoring system, between audio and video signals exist interference problems. Although the audio and video signal data in the same IP network to separate the transmission, there is no interference in theory, but in the installation should consider the location of the connection.For example the wiring distance should be with the radio transmitter, the high voltage cable and the old street lamp.

Analog camera’s audio and video system integrationcan use shielded cable to prevent signal interference . Use independent transmission cable is a very necessary stepin analog monitoring system.Most of the signal interference is caused by the distance from the high voltage cable. It is recommended to use the multi audio encoder, the most critical is to ensure that the lowest line of analog signal wiring.

Monitoring system,external microphone, speaker deployment is too dense also would cause sound interference , echo occurs in the audio input and output sound cycle, in order to avoid this kind of echo, installation the microphone and loudspeaker in a reasonable position, and another method is through a special codec to eliminate echo, using digital filter to eliminate audio echoes.

The security industry focused on video management, which is helpful for security work. Video information can help managers assess the surrounding events, on the other hand, the characters in the video facial expression to achieve a visual clue. At present, audio analysis is gradually added to the video monitoring system, the most popularapplication is the visual access audio and video intercom system, in order to carry forward in the security industry, but also to broaden its scope of application.

In the market promotion of audio application does not smooth. This integrated solution does not enable users to understand the true strength. Video analysis technology can scan the situation at that time by software, it can be achieved even if it’s in the conversation. But it cannot reach the real audio scene, so the application is not popular.

It takes a period of time to change people’s thoughts about audio and video integration . First, customer should knows the capabilities and limitations of audio analysis . Audio analysis can serve as an warning system, but the procedures still need to capture video, then people react quickly, VMS integrated system is capable of handling a series of problems, need a few seconds to determine whether subsequent decision.

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