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Are you looking for the good but cheap Chinese tablet computer in the market, and start bulk wholesale business with the distributors to get huge profits? Then, you are in the right place.

These Android pads feature good performance, elegant, stylish and light and thin design, as well as long-lasting battery life, to meet the needs of most daily use. There is different price level to meet different people, but even the highest price is under 240 dollars.

Produced by the experienced and professional tablet manufacturers, to ensure the products feature good quality and low repair rate, let users buy in confidence, and use happily.

Blackview Tab 11

Cooperate with the wholesale supplier of touch screen tablet – CNBgear, we have dug out the best sources for you, your orders will be delivered seamlessly and securely within a normal cycle after you sent payment, the entire order process is simple. Reputation get long term business.

In terms of warranty, the manufacturer offering one-year warranty service(Only for the quality of product itself, non-human damage).

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Start your business with the tablet wholesale supplier and distributors – CNBgear, we trust good reputation will get long term cooperation. Contact email:

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